Smart ‘Fpga’ NIC

I am working on a 5-part series for how to turn your existing Fpga Board into an FPGA Accelerated Network card, or into a ‘Smart-NIC’ that will parse and normalize multiple Market Data Feeds and maintain an order book.

Note: Part 2 is available now, but it includes all the code/IP for Part 1, I just did not get around to documenting part 1.  I will make some nice documentation and test simulations for Part 1, and then I will get to Part 4.

Here is a High-Level Diagram of the entire system:

  • Part 1: Parse UDP/IP Data
  • Part 2: Parse BATS (PITCH) Messages
  • Part 3: Parse Nasdaq ITCH Messages
  • Part 4: Maintain an OrderBook for a Single Security
  • Part 5: Watch OrderBook for an Event