The Game Changer

Going to investigate what will be the biggest game changer for LabVIEW, FPGA’s and you.

Okay, so the National Instruments website ( is pretty hard to navigate.  I somehow saw the following under the ‘RELATED PRODUCTS’ section on some page that I have since been unable to find:

Then I was finally told by my brother to just search for it. Here is the direct link:

Here is the online version of the readme:

And please note… the description clearly says ‘export’‘third-party hardware’

This means we can take all of my strategies and knowledge for using FPGAs in LabVIEW, and apply them to any hardware. Hardware where you can write custom device drivers to optimize communications with the host processor, hardware where you can attach whatever peripherals you like… The possibilities are endless.

And to quote Bradley Cooper from “Limitless”:

“It was possible, and possible was enough”

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