LabVIEW FPGA, MicroBlaze, and UART – Full Guide

Working from scratch, I created a LabVIEW FPGA project that imports a MicroBlaze design that communicates with LabVIEW via a UART, and has the ability to change the elf file in a much shorter time frame than before. I did this by adding the MicroBlaze to the project after it had been exported to Vivado, … Read more

I Need Uart

Before I go any further and start wiring up my code to use the lwIP on the embedded MicroBlaze, I will need some sort of better method of debugging.  All code that I have implemented that uses a MicroBlaze processor via the Xilinx tools makes use of the UART to send and receive standard input … Read more

30,000 Foot View

I normally avoid shop words or “corporate speak” because I feel it dehumanizes us, but sometimes these phrases are necessary.  So here is the “30,000 foot” view.  And please pardon the appearance of my flow charts and diagrams, I am not a graphic designer… All images open in a new tab, so just click on … Read more

AXI4 + MicroBlaze != 64-bit

The 10 Gigabit MAC/transceiver gives me 64 bit data words.  I currently think I am giving and getting  64 bit data words, but I am really only using 32 bits.  I came to this conclusion after I tried reading a 64 bit word and saw the data was simply two repeated 32 bit words.  Additionally … Read more

New Code Added to GitHub – MicroBlaze MCS, IO Bus and LabVIEW

I just uploaded some code to GitHub that is a full demonstration on how to use LabVIEW FPGA 2017, the MicroBlaze MCS core and the IO Bus that is attached to the MicroBlaze MCS. Clone the following repository: and open the LabVIEW project: Look at the Vivado 2015.4 project: And finally, using … Read more