Zynqberry Ordered

I stumbled upon a board called the “Zynqberry” which is supposed to mimic a Raspberry Pi but with a Xilinx Zyn-7000 FPGA board present.

This board aims to be an FPGA-enabled version of the Raspberry Pi and comes with a 100MBit connector.  Unfortunately it does not support 10 Gigabit.  I mean, how could it with such a small footprint?

Anyway, this board will be perfect for me to demonstrate certain things that will make FPGA programming accessible to a hobbyist not willing to shell out thousands of dollars and to a student on a limited budget.

Here is a link to a detailed getting started guide:


And a link to where you can purchase this board yourself:


My goal? Demonstrate how to solve High-Performance Computing problems using the 100Mbit connector.  Perhaps I will re-visit some of the first articles on this site and start from there.

And a link to what appears to be the official site of the manufacturer in Germany:


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