Okay, Parsing UDP in LabVIEW FPGA Works

I got something working – with live hardware plugged in to my network. I used the larger version of the Arty Artix-7 board, which cost $250 USD, and made my own custom reader for the LabVIEW FPGA Network library.  I did not implement network writing features, nor do anything with the payload.  Nevertheless, this is a Proof-of-Concept and can be used to make a nice FPGA accelerated network application.

Anyway, follow these instructions if you are Savvy enough with LabVIEW and you can examine the code.

But first, a crude diagram of what is going on:

Hardware used:

Source Repository:

[1] – Load Vivado and change working to directory to where you cloned the repository – sub directory of vivado

[2] Verify things are okay.

[3] Generate Output Products

[4] Generate Bitstream

[5] Export Hardware

[6] Include Bitstream

[7] Launch SDK

[8] Default Location

[9] SDK

[10] Create Echo Application

[11] Select Next, not Finish

[12] Select lwIP Echo Application

[13] Replace default main.c

[14] Overwriting it should just work

[15] Find COM Port

[16] Use Putty to connect

[17] Putty may not show clean output when you first connect

[18] First run Program FPGA

[19] Use defaults

[20] Program FPGA progress

[21] SDK Start via Run As

[22] Putty output continues

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