Issues with LabVIEW and Lack of Relative Directory References

So I wanted to mention that I have all of my LabVIEW (and Vivado) code saved on a RAID-1 mirrored location on my network.  From each of my workstations, I map the same network location to my Z drive.  This way any and all issues of LabVIEW referring to absolute paths goes away.  I do not develop in “offline” mode, I am always connected to one of my machines, whether it is by sitting directly in front of the machine or via a Remote Desktop Connection.  If you use a laptop, you could always split a piece off of your normal root partition and make a Z drive for yourself.

To do this yourself, create a network share and open it from Windows Explorer, and then select “Map Network Drive”.  This option will either be an icon or a menu option, and this all depends on the version of Windows that you are using.

So in my case, I have:

\\192.168.0.x\RAID-1 mapped to Z:\

So I work from:


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