More Code Posted to Github

So I have figured out how to use the MicroBlaze Core with an AXI-Stream FIFO, and I have also figured out how to export a project from Vivado by using the Vivado “Write Project TCL” option.

See the following project:

You have to re-generate the Vivado Project and create a new SDK workspace in order to get this to work on your machine.

How to regenerate a Vivado project from a TCL script:

Step 1 – Start Vivado

Step 2 – Change directory to where tcl script is located

Make sure you escape all Windows backslashes with another backslash




cd “Z:\\work\\git\\LabVIEW_Fpga\\06_MicroBlaze\\04_lwIP_Ex\\lwIP_Ex”

Step 3 – Source the tcl script

source init.tcl

That’s it!

Note: I am still in the process of converting all of my projects to use this method, if you want a quick taste, check out the project here:

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