10 Gigabit FPGA-based Network Code Coming Soon

I am getting real close to finishing my proof-of-concept FPGA-based network card that is based on the PXIe-6592 National Instruments Board which uses the Kinex-7 410t FPGA chip by Xilinx, and has 2GB of DDR3 RAM.

Using the Arty Arix board, I was able to make sure that the MicroBlaze code running the lwIP TCP/IP stack works fine, and I was able to use a NI example to make the 10 Gigabit Ethernet MAC part.  Only issue is that the NI code is quite complex and uses features and ideas that I have never seen before.

Nevertheless, I am iterating over some modifications to the example to allow for a LabVIEW Host network stack that uses the FPGA only for the sending and receiving of ethernet frames.  Once I get that working, I will just switch the connection from LabVIEW Host to the on-board MicroBlaze.

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