Install Xilinx Vivado Tools on Fedora 27

The National Instruments “LabVIEW 2018 FPGA Module Xilinx Compilation Tool for Vivado 2017.2 – Linux” is only officially supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS. CentOS is basically a clone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, also known as RHEL. I like to joke and call it R-HELL.

The reason is valid, Red Hat Enterprise Linux has a longer release cycle, which means that a new package won’t just show up and break a lot of your code, or more importantly will not introduce Security Flaws in to your system just because you ran a system update.

But what about for non-Enterprise users who are not using these tools in a corporate environment and what about those working at small startups?

Well, I tried installing this package on my Fedora 27 machine, and after some googling I found that all you have to do is get the following package installed for it to work:

sudo dnf copr enable mjg/libtiff3
sudo dnf install libtiff3

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