New Theme

I spent some time re-organizing this site to make it easier on the eye, easier to navigate and to be more organized in general.

I also figured out a way to run this site using Docker with a MariaDB backend that I can easily back up, download to any of my home mac or windows desktops, run it locally, make a lot of changes and re-upload it when necessary.  Maybe I should make a post about how I did that? idk… but I learned a lot of docker in the process!

Anyway, now I can make regular backups of this site and download them as necessary, and restore them to a new server or something similar.

Up next? A page on FPGA Smart NICs.  I’ll cover the enterprise super-expensive boards, some medium boards in the medium price range, and finally really cheap boards for hobbyists who don’t really want to spend so much money for their FPGA hobby.

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