Zynqberry with Breakout Board and LabVIEW

Source Code: https://github.com/fpganow/Blink_LEDS Introduction There is a saying out there that goes ‘what are you going to do with an FPGA, blink a bunch of LEDs?’ Well… that saying is true.  Today I purchased a breakout board for the Zynberry and found an excellent guide on how to do just that: https://svenssonjoel.github.io/writing/blinkledzynq.pdf But I am … Read more

Parse FIX Messages Part 1

For those unfamiliar with the FIX protocol, see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Financial_Information_eXchange https://www.fixtrading.org/ The FIX Protocol transfers data uncompressed and in ASCII form.  The following data types are transferred like so: Integer Value To send the Integer 1,423, the TCP stream would look like this: Index ASCII Hex 0 ‘1’ 0x31 1 ‘4’ 0x34 2 ‘2’ 0x32 3 … Read more