Author: john

Corona Time

So with the Coronavirus, the markets have been seeing increased volatility, and all the high frequency traders are making a lot of money, or losing a lot of money… I scrolled through the list of repositories on the fpganow github org and found a relevant project that deals with the parsing of market data only […]

What Hardware Am I Using?

I received an email from a reader asking me what controller I am using, so I figure I would make a new post with this information: (All links open in a new tab) PXIe-8105 Embedded Controller PXIe-1062Q PXIe-6592R And a picture (why not?):  


So it appears to me that Monero/CryptoNote mining has gained a lot of popularity lately, and this has led many people to this website.  Let me note that LabVIEW FPGA is a proprietary tool that comes with a 30-day Evaluation.  After that, you have to spin up a new virtual machine and reinstall LabVIEW to […]

I Need Uart

Before I go any further and start wiring up my code to use the lwIP on the embedded MicroBlaze, I will need some sort of better method of debugging.  All code that I have implemented that uses a MicroBlaze processor via the Xilinx tools makes use of the UART to send and receive standard input […]